Skip the Winter Doldrums – Have a Great Time on the River

Book a winter adventure with a sports fishing guide in Selah, WA

Bo’s Sport Fishing Adventures LLC offers guided winter fishing trips in Washington State. Based in Selah, our sport fishing crew offers custom trip options for novice and avid fishermen alike. We’re not talking just another generic fishing trip. By relying on our expert guides, you’ll catch some of the biggest fish in the West –even the nation. Book your trip today by calling 509-853-8572.

Plan a custom trip that works for you

Bo’s offers different boating options for your custom fishing experience. Drift boat trips are more hands-on and educational and are meant for 1 or 2 people. Powerboat trips are great for groups of 4 to 6 people and provide a more leisurely experience. No matter the size or your group or the type of boat you choose, you can expect to:
  • Pick up useful tips and techniques
  • Learn about different species of fish
  • Understand the lay of the land (and the water)
  • Enjoy a relaxing recreational experience
We offer winter trip packages from Jan. 1 to April 15. Call Bo’s Sport Fishing Adventures today at 509-853-8572 for steelhead fishing around Selah, Washington.